What the hell though?

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Hi hi, intertubes. My name’s Jenna, and I’m a writer, editor and sometime rabble-rouser living Brooklyn, NY. You can find me between the pages of Time Out New Yorkwhere I hold down the post of associate editor and write about everything from the history of parks to helicopters to theater to Doctor Who. I also usually have about 10 unfinished creative projects on the burner. Most of them are about either the apocalypse, people being sassy, or people being sassy during the apocalypse. (You can see a sampling at my works-in-progress blog, Really Awesome Forest.)

This is my new unfinished project! (But a blog is never finished, only abandoned, amiright?) Here’s the basic idea: In my life, I read/watch/listen to/inhale a lot of stuff, à la a way less cool, less douchey Don Draper. I have a tendency to fall hard for several pieces of media each week, be they books, albums, TV shows, movies, podcasts, comics…what have you. I generally corner one or several of my poor friends each week and talk incessantly about this new thing and why I love it so. I think they could use a break. So I decided I ought to blog about it instead.

I will probably still talk about it, though. Let’s be reasonable here.


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